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How can I explain all this?

Writing is important to me, as is teaching. I’ve spent years trying to figure out how to do both better.

Before the digital age, I edited several small magazines, including Southern Vermont, did some investigative journalism concerning dumping in Massachusetts by a major chemical company, and, as a correspondent for the old American News Service, got published everywhere from Anchorage to New Orleans to Hartford. Along the way I earned an MA and MFA and began to teach.

Bringing digital into the classroom was something I started doing back in 2002. (Today I’m helping develop a new major, “Social Media and Emergent Technology,” creating four out of 11 core2014-07-18 18.39.34 courses, along with the writing track.

But, never having been satisfied with my writing, I have never been satisfied with my teaching – until I learned about the latest findings in neuroscience. I’m still in the process of building them into my syllabi, but I’ve seen them help my students learn better.

And why the daylily? Because I also share a small farm with my wife. You see? There is always another question to ask.

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  1. Jay McCormack   December 24, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    Great stuff Paul! It’s always been enjoyable reading your work!


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